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Truffis is an innovative truffle investment platform dedicated to truffles.

It allows users to invest from 10 euros in truffles and yield truffle trees, with the aim of building up regular income and savings or truffles directly.

Anyone of legal age can register on our site!

You will then be asked for proof of identity to validate your account and allow you to invest in truffis.

We select and negotiate the acquisition of land with an analysis of the land, and this, everywhere in France. We make every effort to guarantee you a selection of quality truffle projects and optimal risk management .

Each operation is rigorously evaluated by our truffle experts, according to strict criteria. Our investment grid assesses in particular:

  • analysis of the land before the acquisition,
  • the environment and the surroundings of the land,
  • the cost of maintenance and renovation work,
  • the number of possible plantations,
  • the geographical location of the land,
  • proximity to essential services (water, electricity)

It is possible that your account requires verification with our banking partner, it may therefore be frozen while the verification is carried out.
This is a routine procedure that can take a few days.

You can contact our customer service to inquire about the status of your account.

You can cancel your purchase within 14 days (legal withdrawal period). You will then be fully refunded .

To invest in our truffles.

You can invest by credit card.

At the moment, we only accept credit cards as payment.

Financial and more

Profitability depends on each truffle tree since it is a relationship between the price of the truffle, its potential resale, its prospect of gaining value over time, and the fact or not of financing part of it or an entire tree.

We do our best to offer opportunities with an estimated return of between 160% and 250% over 9 years .

This profitability is not guaranteed, it is an estimate.

Nevertheless, we are doing everything we can to secure the announced profitability .

However, risk 0 does not exist and there may be problems of force majeure (flooding, drought, storms, etc.).

Truffis takes no entry fees, no exit fees and no fees on realized capital gains.

The only charges applied are as follows:

– Stripe transaction fees

Our remuneration is already included in the annual rate of return. It is therefore neutral for our investors. This allows us to cover the costs for maintenance and security.