About Truffis

Truffis was designed to revolutionize the truffle market, more specifically the white truffle of Alba.

The value of a golden truffle that is worth its weight in gold.

Truffles are with Truffis an easy and affordable investment on the market.

We offer two types of projects to invest in, so that the client can opt for the choice that best suits him.

Why invest in the Alba White Truffle

The Alba white truffle is the rarest and most expensive mushroom in the world.

Its selling price varies between €3,500 and €8,000/kilo. Since 2018, it has been possible to produce white truffles in a controlled manner on French soil thanks to a tree mycorrhization technique.

The collective hysteria around this mushroom called “White gold” explodes sales prices beyond the prices set by the market.

This was the case during the auction in Alba in 2018 where a single white truffle weighing around 1 kg was acquired for the sum of €120,000.

The beginning of an idea

Immersed from an early age in the plant world of agricultural life through her father who was a landscaper, Océane grew up in contact with plants and acquired a basic knowledge of them.
From an early age, she took the path of innovation and creation. One day, she felt the urge to develop an innovative project, and then remembered that she had recently done research on truffles.

The truffle is a unique and very particular food, there are many varieties of truffles, the one that caught his attention is the famous white truffle of Alba. A truffle of Italian origin that only grows in the lands of the Alba region. It is such a rare truffle that its value continues to increase over time.
In order to be sure of her choice, she meets the world truffle specialist who answers all her questions and helps her get a clear idea of what she wants to develop. By exchanging information, she understood that the white truffle of Alba was the most exceptional truffle in the world, but that it was the least accessible.

This information made him want to carry out this innovative project. In order to be able to realize her idea, she needed someone who could understand her ideology and help her to make this idea a reality, this person was her faithful assistant, Garuae; together they will be able to move forward more surely.

Where to set up the project ?

Initially, they were thinking of developing the idea in the Tropics, but the problem is that the environment and the type of soil they have in this region is not suitable for planting, because the soil is hot and the white truffle needs cool soil to grow.
The truffle being the most coveted and the rarest, we cannot decide to plant it where we want. The truffle must be planted in a place conducive to its development.

The situation is different from that of other initiatives: it is not the man who decides where to plant the product, but it is the product which decides where it wants to grow.
This is where the arduous part of the project began, the Truffis team had different lands analyzed in different regions of France.

After two years of intensive and relentless research, a soil was chosen by the specialized laboratories to carry out the project.

The Issoudun region was chosen to carry out their project.

City of Issoudun

Fate brought them to special territory

The land chosen was a plot of land left by a former farmer to his two daughters who could not exploit it. The family wanted to sell it, but they did not know how to go about it or who to entrust it to, since it was land that was dear to their late father.

The land had not been cultivated for 5 years, which gives it a precious character, because the land could be rested and enriched for the needs of planting truffle trees.

We can say that it was the land that brought them together to make this sale, since the Truffis team was looking for land ready to be planted with truffle trees, and this land felt ready to produce again after these years of ownerless life.

A philosophy imbued with passion and respect

The passion for this project is expressed in every way: in the cultivation, in the process and in the acquisition of an exceptional product such as the truffle.
Often, we are asked why did we choose the white truffle and not another?
As a joke, we answer:

“Why drive an ordinary car if you can drive a Ferrari? »

It is not only a rare and expensive product, it is an endangered product, so saving it from extinction is more than necessary.

We know that it is a limited good that fades over time, so we want to carry out our project to avoid its disappearance and develop its production by involving a large number of investors.
The project was designed to get people involved.

We are looking for partners and investors able and willing to follow our ideology. This mission also requires patience in terms of production, knowing that this is a project that will bring exceptional profits of 225% over a period of 9 years.

Very respectful, our approach has a favorable ecological impact in order to preserve the existence and the rebirth of the white truffle of Alba.

We are lucky to have passionate and high quality scientists, who convinced us to embark on this project.