How to invest in Truffles with Truffis?


1 – Investing has never been so easy and accessible

2 – With Truffis you have 225% profitability

3 – Types of investments

4 – For VIPs and VIP GOLD

Investing has never been so easy and accessible

Being able to invest with ease, for a product as coveted as the white truffle of Alba , the most exclusive and esteemed truffle in the world, is a first.

Take advantage of a profitable investment by benefiting from a revaluation on a privileged market , access to be one of the first to be able to invest in security , not for products, but for an entire truffle tree.

By investing small amounts, you will have a return of 165% over 8 years.

By investing in a complete tree, you will have an average return of 225% over 9 years and therefore an additional year free.

With Truffis you have 225% profitability
average over 9 years

Advantages, without disadvantages

Our unique system allows anyone to earn benefits with Truffis . Placing in white truffles is a simple and unique operation.

These investments produce a return up to 15 times higher than that of traditional financial investments.

In order to facilitate and provide fair service to the public, there are two formulas.

Types of investments

First formula: Investment from €10

For a smooth start, you can invest small amounts of money . Those who feel ready to invest more, or to switch to the second formula, can benefit from an additional year of gains or harvests. For this investment on a complete footing, there is the possibility of a payment in 4 instalments.

If after several purchases you arrive at the exact amount of one foot, you can access the status of sponsor, provided that all the purchases have been made over a minimum period of 3 months.

You will have to request this change of status by simple email, to [email protected] , because it no longer allows you to resell the amounts already committed at your convenience, these are then blocked.

You therefore change your status to become a VIP sponsor.

Indeed, this formula, reserved for VIPs , allows you to have earnings over an additional year , but does not allow you to resell your shares during production.

Warning !

As of receipt of your status change request, you will no longer be able to resell your foot.

Second formula: Sponsor a truffle farmer (VIP status)

This time, if you want to take advantage of a complete investment , you can buy one or more truffle trees.

From 10 lots, you can upgrade to VIP GOLD status by taking advantage of a special price: €19,000 / 10 feet.

These 10 feet must be purchased in one purchase.

You will be able (as a VIP or VIP GOLD) to participate in the annual excavations (harvests).

If you are not available, you can participate by videoconference (live or replay).

These diggings, the cost of which is €115/ digging, will be offered to you.


A medallion will be made with your name and it will be surrounded and certified with your truffle tree and a photo will be sent to you.

On harvest days, you will be able to identify your tree with this medallion.

Winnings can be at your choice in cash , or in kind, it’s up to you when you collect your winnings.

In order to maximize your income, these will be counted on all production.

An exceptional risk pooling guarantee

Indeed, if your tree were to die and be replaced, you would not be financially impacted. Because other trees will be planted around without being accessible to sponsorship.

You can have up to 3 names for each lot of 10 trees if you want to buy your lots with two other investor friends.

However, the remuneration will be shared between you.

Your payment of €19,000 will only be made by one of you.

You will have to share the profits, this will come under your private agreements.

A mother-of- pearl carved in your honor will be awarded to you as a GOLD VIP and sent to your home as a trophy for your investment.

If the lot has 3 names, you will receive this trophy in 3 identical copies.

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