Invest in truffle oaks from €10

What ?

Investing in a truffle oak is investing in the white gold of French gastronomy, the truffle!

Difficulty: 🚀 / ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

For who ?

  • The restorers
  • Investors
  • Renowned chefs
  • Sunday cooks
  • Businessmen
  • truffle lovers
  • collectors
  • Students

Why ?

Being an ethical investment that contributes to the development of the farms of small French producers, it will allow you to consolidate your investment with its high yields.

Gains through investment are at various levels:

Investing in Truffis allows you to acquire a significant personal profit, and also to obtain truffles to taste at home, with family or friends.

For a professional profit you can get a really high return on investment! 

This is a unique opportunity to seize to access an exclusive market.

How much should I put?

First Offer: Rental of a tree

The tree costs 1998€, it will allow you to receive double your investment in 8 years.

Second Offer: Rental of a tree

The tree costs 1998€, it will allow you to receive the triple of your investment in 10 years.

Third Offer: Purchase of a tree

The tree costs 1998€ also with delivery costs included. This is our most cost-effective offering, but you are responsible for all the labor involved in producing the truffles, from planting to harvesting. You will find more information about the conditions for planting the White Truffle on the product page.

What is the level of risk?

The risk level is at or near 0.

Advantages :

  • The producer takes care of the maintenance of your tree from birth to maturity!
  • A unique and extremely profitable investment
  • We guarantee the double on investment, when you buy a tree, we secure your investment with 4 other of our trees to guarantee a profitable harvest.


  • Agricultural hazards are sources of risks such as epidemics, rainfall, weather or any other form of natural risk that can impact the profitability of crops. But the production over several years allows us to have difficult periods which would not impact the return on investment in 8 years or 10 years because a tree can be microized again if necessary.
  • It’s a long-term commitment.

With whom and how to set it up?


  1. You invest in one or more truffle oaks which will produce truffles.
  2. You receive a sales contract, a certificate of ownership with the mark of the tree number, the name of the plot, as well as the year of planting and the date of its production.
  3. You will receive your return on investment in 8 years or 10 years depending on your initial choice.


From our offers!

Double your investment

Rent a tree
x2Return on investment

✅ We take care of everything

✅ Maintenance

✅ Harvest

✅ Security

✅ Choice between Sale or Delivery of your White Truffles

🎯 Double your investment

💝 A gesture for the environment


buy a tree
10 000%Profitable

❌ Maintenance

❌ Harvest

✅ Documentation on planting and management

✅ You are autonomous

✅ Resell on Truffis

🚀 A look back over several decades

💝 A gesture for the environment

How to Invest in Truffles with Truffis?

225 %

of average profitability in 9 years.

Advantages , without disadvantages

Thanks to our unique system, everyone can accumulate winnings with Truffis. Investing in white truffles is a simple and unique operation.


The rate of return of a single truffle tree is 164%


The truffle farm has 2,155 trees

No charges

Neither on entry, exit or your capital gains

No management

Have a light mind, Truffis takes care of everything