Turn your Truffles into Gold

The truffle, a subject of conversation

The Alba white truffle, the Italian white truffle or also called Piedmont white truffle is the most exclusive and esteemed variety of truffles.

The white truffle, like all truffles, is a kind of hypogeal (underground) fungus of the family Ascomycetes, genus Tuber. Its scientific name is Tuber Magnatum , comes from “magnatus” in Latin, “ of the lords ”, due to its high price.

It is a product of great economic value and of limited production, mainly of wild origin.

Efforts in Italy during the 70s and 80s of the 20th century to extract it from culture did not yield the expected results. It is therefore a more difficult variety to cultivate than the black winter truffle.

Its name comes from the color of its flesh, which varies from ivory white to light brown. A network of white veins runs through the interior, giving it a marbled appearance at the section.

Why is it a prestige product?

Often, some people wonder why it is so expensive, why it only exists in Italy, or why it is not available in the plantations…?

The answers are as interesting as the questions.

The truffle is a difficult species to reproduce under the hand of man, it grows naturally in a very specific habitat , during a short season from mid-October to the end of December.

Its aroma and flavor are excellent and it frequently shows considerable differences from one truffle to another. Which makes it an exceptional product.

It is therefore easy to understand why the demand is so strong, knowing that it is also very perishable and very ephemeral.

Another important factor that affects the price is the quality of the product. Some regions produce a higher quality white truffle and truffle sellers as well as truffle “hunters” get a better price when the quality of the product is there.

The size of the truffle also influences its cost. This size, usually expressed in terms of thickness and weight, is used to determine the price.

In general, the small format is from 5 to 19 g per piece , the medium format is from 20 to 50 g and the large format is from 50 g per piece.

Each of these three categories will be offered at different prices, from the smallest to the largest depending on the size.

The price may therefore vary depending on the freshness of the products available, the worldwide demand of the moment, the quality of the product, the area of origin and the size of the pieces.

For most consumers, price is the most important point, followed by quality and service.

To understand this, you have to think that the white truffle has a high cost, between €3,500 and €8,000/kg.

If you are not a great connoisseur of white truffles, the price factor is the most important concern, knowing that a buyer will have to pay between 350 € and 800 € /100 g of fresh white truffles.

Investing in white truffles?

If you can afford to invest in truffles, don’t wait and embark on this exciting adventure!

First of all, the price is a variable factor depending on supply and demand , but besides this important fact, the true price of this truffle is measured by its extraordinary aroma and its transience .

The white truffle can only be found from October to December if the vintage is good, but during this season it will only be of high quality for two months.

During this period, consumers will seek to find it and offer high prices to savor its penetrating aroma and distinctive texture.

Each white truffle is different and unique.

Its production period corresponds to those of the holidays, such as Christmas and the end of the year celebration, which contributes to soaring the price.

Depending on its area of origin and the tree that hosted it, its scent and flavor will be different , which is appreciated by the consumer, who considers the product unique in each tasting.

It is so unique in itself that its price can skyrocket, because everyone wants to get a piece at any cost.

Today, the demand is considerably higher than the supply.

This means that there will be many more potential truffle buyers than available white truffles.

These buyers will compete with each other, which will further increase the price of white truffles.

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